Posted by: zenmamajo | February 17, 2012

Quick Mouth-watering Hot Links

(note: i’m still figuring out what fotos to take when cooking and how to capture the best fotos. my apologies for leaving visual steps out!)

my smell aversion and nausea are finally improving, allowing me to satisfy some lingering vices prego cravings.


i don’t eat hotdogs, brats, or sausage sandwiches often, but sometimes i crave a slighty-charred hot link on a bed of caramelized onions, nestled in a grilled bun coated with mustard and mayo.


my recipe calls for 6 ingredients:

buns (hot dog or hoagie rolls)
hot links

craving quenchers

pre-heat the cookware on medium-high heat (i’ve been using my electric skillet a lot lately). put enough butter in the pan to coat the surface of the pan. place buns on the heated skillet to toast (i like to press them down a little to ensure the middle gets toasted as well). i let them toast until golden brown (about a minute or two).

while those are toasting – i slice my onions and hot links (i like to cut them length wise).

when the buns are done – place them on a plate to cool.

forgot to press down half of the buns but the other half is golden perfection...

add a little butter to cover the surface of the area where the links will cook. once the temperature of the skillet is hot again (this is key to get a nice crust on the links) – add the links, middle side down. add a couple pats of butter next to the links and add the sliced onions. the links and onions will take the same amount of time to cook.

let the links cook for about 3-5 minutes on that side (be sure the temp is at med to medium-high).

meanwhile, dress your toast with mayo and be sure to stir and love on those onions so they cook evenly…

check the underside of the hot links and flip when it meets your crust standards *drool*.

can you smell the goodness?

once the onions are done – put it all together! (i was in such a hurry to eat these things that i just sauteed the onions instead of waiting for them to caramelize…still soooo tasty).

i think assembling a sandwich is an art. “how do i assemble this using the maximum amount of toppings while reducing the risk of spillage and minimizing sogginess?” is a question i ask often while cooking. fortunately – this is an easy sandwich to assemble…perhaps i’ll write a taco or burger assembling blog one of these days…

because onions are notorious for sliding off everything – i like to place them directly on the bun and then add the link, topped with mustard.

here’s my husband’s sandwich:


i like to have a nice ratio of yummy goodness with each bite so i always split the link in to two sandwiches for myself. here is mine:

instant twins!

a little green to balance out the (guilty) pleasure that's to come!

time saver tip: use a rectangular electric skillet if you have one and cook everything at once to save even more time.

happy viewing and happy cooking! most importantly: happy eating!


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