Posted by: zenmamajo | March 28, 2012

Grandparents and The Mary Poppins Effect

let’s face it: as parents – sometimes it’s GREAT to have help. friends, ANY place with childcare, neighbors, the neighbors’ kid(s), and especially (for those with the opportunity): grandparents.

a couple of years ago we moved to the same state as my folks. my folks live three hours south of us (perfect distance for impromptu visits but enough distance to “let the heart grow fonder” *haha*.) as a military family, we know we won’t live near them for long. this will probably be the only time, while the children are young, that our families will be able to visit as much as they have these last couple years.

in fact, our little man recently ‘flew south for the winter’ and spent a full two months with his grandpa and ‘ama’. (and yes: i sent my son off to baby boarding school *hahah*. i thought it’d be more like 2 weeks, but my morning sickness was so bad that i could hardly roll myself out of bed without losing my breakfast, let alone chase him and his sisters around…mainly him *haha*!)

anyhoo – our little guy is the most social of the bunch and didn’t even cry when he left. from all the skyping and fotos my folks sent – i could tell that little fella had a BLAST being an only child for those two months!

i thoroughly enjoyed getting to hang out with my three girls but boy are we glad to have him back – energy and all! he jumped right back in to the family and has just the funniest, most delightful little personality ever.

the other day as i pushed (all) the kids on a cart through the Target parking lot (little man in the front, one in the basket, and two hanging off the sides while we crossed the street) – my heart bursted with pride at the sight of them and the little persons they are each becoming!

don’t get me wrong: i feel like we’re in a very intense (read: physically demanding and exhausting) child-raising phase of our family’s chapter (ages 6, 3, 3, and 1…and soon to be newborn…) and – if i can be honest – i just spent yesterday hoping the day would end, but in that moment at Target – as i glanced from one precious, innocent, completely trusting face to another – i experienced total joy for having each one of them in my life. it’s such a treat making the journey of their first few years of life with them and i’m really excited for their friendships with one another.

my folks are great for swooping in and providing a little mary poppins effect on our family from time to time (or even an extended time), but i love having everyone back together and it just be ‘us’ again. i’m always posting fotos of our girls, so here are some of just our little fella – enjoy!

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  1. Wow, and I thought I was busy with two! But whenever I grumble about another dirty sock on the floor or dishes all over the kitchen, I remember there will soon be a day when they won’t be around to make a mess. And then I’ll be longing for it (well, some of it, anyway…) Judging by your post, I suspect you feel the same way. Great photos, too!

    • 1, 2, 5 kids – i’ve felt busy at all the stages *haha*. i’m wondering if we’ll have time to ‘long for the mess’ because by then our folks will probably join us and (hopefully) we’ll have a ton of grandkids…*hahah*

      • Oh, my. I hadn’t thought of that. 🙂

  2. Wonderful post — four with a fifth on the way. Oh my, how do you do it. I had my hands full with one young child and an older son. Love the Mary Poppins theme. It’s nice that you have parents who can help. Love the photos of your son! Great post!

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