Posted by: zenmamajo | February 28, 2012

What’s in a Purse?

some women gotta have their shoes…

image from:

others adore fancy dresses…

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and then there are…”purse investors“…*haha*

(i happen to love food presentation although i’m not particularly talented in this area. fortunately i have a very easy to please husband (and kids) so it doesn’t take much to impress *haha*.)

back to the purse investors though. i’m always curious about what’s inside people’s purses, particularly large, over-sized, mary poppins-like purses.

i took an inventory of my purse tonight and here’s what i found:

the ‘main’ pouch has my: wallet, meds, calendar, address book, lotion, patch the pirate cd, pony tail holder, hair clip, red envelope gift from my mom’s friend for our youngest (read more about red envelopes here). i’m most proud of my ‘bag of fun’ (aka: pencils, pens, erasers, color pens, and crayons for the kids).

the small outer pocket has: broken mini brush/mirror combo, pink mini hair comb (is that what that’s called?), dental floss (which i *never* use when i’m out…not sure why that’s in there…), loose change, sticker, lip balm, stolen library pencil (i love those little half pencils), spare key (which i’ve totally had to use), and my favorite: spray hand sanitizers.

in other words: i have a ‘mom’s purse’ *haha*.

so – what’s in your purse?

what was that? you’re a man? don’t be shy…men have purses – they’re called: pockets. i swear a man’s pockets can put mary poppins’ purse to shame…



  1. I actually have very little in my purse–I tend to carry smaller purses so I won’t overload. Drives my family crazy, because they want me to hold their stuff in my purse. Joke’s on them!

    Mostly my wallet, phone, keys, a pen, and some hand sanitizer. Oh, and mints. Pretty boring, I know.

    • ah…small purse – great strategy! i use to have a ‘mens’ wallet until last summer…i loved that thing – it was 2″x”3 – big enough for a couple IDS, a credit card or two and a money clip in one. pre-kids that’s all i carried in my pocket!

  2. I have a bunch of junk in my purse…lotion, hand sanitizer, wallet, keys, tissues, pouch with lipsticks and gloss, medicine (for asthma and migraine), pens, my husband’s business cards in a case, umbrella, sunglasses (prescription), random grocery store flyers, etc. Too much stuff! I collect even more when I’m out with my kids, because they throw stuff in. 🙂

    • tissues! i need to put some in a baggie or buy those little travel size ones…i always end up with a wad of tissues in my purse and never know if they are clean or dirty! prescription sunglasses – omgoodness – i just bought my first pair of prescription sunglasses yesterday! i’ve always worn ill-fitting clip-on or kinds that you slip behind your glasses (sooo tacky) – i can’t wait to rock my new fancy eye accessory! happy bday to me!

      • LOL. My mom uses those clip-on sunglasses. I keep telling her to get real ones. Hope you enjoy your new eye accessories. 😉

  3. I currently have a wallet (which is the size of a small purse), an epipen (allergic to bees) about 17 chapsticks, 2 lip glosses, paper for the kids to draw on. Two toy ladders and two toy elephants. There are various other odds and ends, but that is the jist of it. There are at least three pens, but never when I need one!

    • 17 chapsticks?!! holy cow – is it because you kept losing one? my dilema with chapstick is i use to always leave it in my pocket and it would get washed! *ha* the toy description is funny *haha*

      • I have a slight chapstick addiction. Just a little. I don’t hoard them or anything. I just have 17 in my purse and probably another twenty in my nightstand.

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