Posted by: zenmamajo | February 14, 2012

12 minutes…8 Salads…and a Party in Your Belly

hungry? need/want to eat healthier but lack time/ideas? we try to eat salads almost every day for lunch because it’s so easy to make/switch up. plus the kids love helping with prep as well. here’s what i made the girls and i for lunch recently. i made double so the next day it only took about 3 minutes to prep and lunch was served! i even timed it for you:

mark - to set - go!

some call it 'ingredients'...i call it: yummy goodness!

the ingredients included: bagged cole slaw salad (only $1.50 at our wal-mart. very crisp and retains its freshness for a long time), baby carrots, edamames, raisins, dried cranberries, broccoli, mandarin oranges, left over roast, and dressing. it took less than a minute thirty to grab the ingredients including plates.

up close

i left four salads without meat and orange toppings for the next day.

12 minutes…8 salads…and a clock to prove it!

no kidding, this is when someone yelled "moooooommmmy! i peed on the floor!"

nearly a 3rd of my time was used slicing the baby carrots, broccoli, roast, and popping the edamames out their shells. save time by not slicing carrots and buying shelless edamames.

(me trying to get synchronized smiles and thumbs up…)

thx, mom!

add some yogurt, a cold glass of water/milk and the belly party is on!

sometimes i’ll add a can of corn and/or black beans to the slaw (minus everything else) for an easy nutritious lunch. the topping possibilities are limitless! i limit toppings because my goal is to eat nutritiously and save time. i try not to spend 30 min chopping up stuff everyday at lunch (or any time unless i’m trying to “feed the freeze”…’nother blog, ‘nother day *grin*).

what are some of your favorite salad toppings?



  1. Absolutely loved this post. You are a great Mom — and so creative. It is amazing that you have your children liking salads. I love the photos of the kids and of the recipes. Never thought about some of your combinations. But they sound very healthy!

    • thanks, pat – i tell my girls often that i’m glad they like salads. if only we can convince the little fella *ha*.

  2. I loved tossed mixed salads, and as you so wonderfully prove, they are super rapid to prepare. I have a bunch of different vinaigrettes that I have learnt to add from living in France. Such fun to see kids excited about salad!

    • vinaigrettes are a great idea – maybe i’ll look up some recipes – thx for the idea!

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