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Feed da Freeze: 40 Breakfast Burritos in No Time

hectic weekday mornings? tired of toasted waffles and valley oat bars for breakfast? would you love to grab something nutritious, hot, and homemade but just don’t have the time (or energy)?

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this might be the post for you.

we bought an upright freezer a couple of years ago and i *love* to ‘feed the freeze’. one of my favorite feeds are these breakfast burritos. i know what you’re thinking “freeze eggs?” yup. have you ever noticed how many frozen breakfast eggs items are sold at your local grocers?

now i’ll admit – the egg consistency is a little…spongy when reheated – but i promise it’s delicious (and i have a very picky sensitive palate).

please don’t be intimidated by the number of ingredients. if that’s a turn off – simply eliminate everything except eggs (or eggs and cheese). (this will also dramatically cut down on prep time. might sound bland but anything other than a cold piece of toast or a bowl of cereal is delightful on a rushed week day morning…)

oh – and i started adding cilantro to my eggs a few years ago and loooooooove it! but if you feel that it is, in my 6 yr old’s words: “yuck” then, again: feel free to adjust! this post isn’t so much about the recipe as it is about saving you and your family time!

i also forgot to stage the requisite ‘ingredient foto’ but i did get it when everything was cut up…i hope to get better at preparing for these posts! *grin*

– 36 eggs
– 40 burrito wraps (this is a must – tortilla wraps are too small…oh and i also like to check sodium content – i buy ones that contain 320mg of sodium vs. 520 mg)
– 1 red bell pepper
– 1 yellow bell pepper (can use green – i just like to splurge for these)
– 1 white onion (or any onion)
– 2 bunches of cilantro (yes..bunches…didn’t i say i love cilantro? *hahah* seriously – feel free to omit/substitute – i bet basil would taste great)
– 2 bunches of spinach (they cook way down)
– 2 bundles of green onions (i love onions…)
– cheese
– 16 sausage patties (i like jones dairy farm – they’re msg and nitrate free and as healthy as sausage comes. plus they’re pre-cooked and always on sale at one of our grocers).
– salt/pepper to taste

– freezer bags or containers
– 40 paper towel sheets
– sharpie
– labels (i use blue painters tape as labels)

wash and chop everything. i use kitchen shears to chop the green onions and cilantro – great job for older kids. i even use the cilantro stem but leave the green onion bulbs.

time saver: cut the spinach into thirds while the tie/rubber band is still attached. then wash and rinse (several times if necessary…or just buy bagged if you don’t mind the extra cost and to save even more time).

money saver: did you know if you push those little white bulbs into some dirt that more green onions grow? yup – just snip them down when you need some and they’ll keep sprouting!

saute the onions and bell peppers. i like to cook the onions for a few minutes first so they saute rather than steam (adding the bell peppers at first would cause them to steam…although, i don’t know if this really matters since there’s going to be so much in the pan by the time i’m done…). i add the bell peppers to the side for a couple of minutes.

then toss together and cook a couple more minutes.

add cilantro, green onions and salt and pepper to taste. (i know…that’s a looooot of herbs…love my morning roughage *ha*).

add spinach (i had to do it in two batches because of the size of my pan).

cover so it will cook down.

meanwhile, crack and whip the eggs.

stir the cooked spinach and add the second batch now. only cook until it’s wilted.

give it a few good stirs. adjust seasoning as necessary.

pour it in to another dish to cool.

dump the veggie juice.

pour all the eggs into heated skillet (yes – all 38 eggs – trust me – they’ll cook).

let it cook for a few minutes then give it a good stir – be sure to scrap the bottom.

cook for a few more minutes and stir again.

meanwhile, warm the sausages up and layout the burrito wraps (be sure they are at room temp or warm them first so they’ll wrap without breaking).

sprinkle cheese and chopped sausage on top (turn off eggs when done. stir occasionally to cool quicker).

add veggies…

add eggs…

now it’s time to wrap!

how to wrap a burrito
these instructions apply to rolling egg rolls as well.

be sure the food is centered and not near the edge. oh: and resist the urge to overstuff (talking to myself here…).

fold the bottom up, then pull it down against the food so it is snug (the tuck is important so things stay together. be sure none of the food pokes out the sides).

fold the sides towards the center.

and roll the rest up!

now wrap it in a paper towel using the same rolling technique. why a paper towel? couple reasons: 1 – it keeps the burritos from sticking to one another during storage and 2 – you can just pull one from the freezer and put it directly in to the microwave without a plate. just be sure to remove the paper towel immediately otherwise it will stick once it cools.

voila! done!

it took about 40 minutes to make (the prep takes the longest…so – less veggies…less prep…more minutes in your life!).

i made a batch of 32 egg and cheese burritos later that same day and it only took 20 min. seriously. so worth the effort…mmmm.

next i packed everything. i’ll include how i pack and label because this method saves me the most time.

first i put about 10 in a large zip lock for my husband to take to work (he likes to eat breakfast at work) and put the rest in some large freezer containers i have (zip locks would work just fine but this just stacks nicer in the freezer = more space).

once packed – i pulled out my trusty tape and sharpie…

tore off the number of labels i needed, placed them on the table and wrote the titles…

then peel, stick and done!

*phew*! okay…seriously…i think it took me longer to put this post together than it does to make 40 burritos. for real! *hahah*

on those rushed mornings, just grab a burrito, nuke it for a minute 25 (maybe shorter/longer depending on your microwave) and you’re fueled up for the day!

do you like to feed the freeze? what are some of your favorite breakfast items to freeze?

happy cooking! and happy eating!


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