Posted by: zenmamajo | February 7, 2012

12 Most Annoying Things…E.V.E.R.

1. shopping carts with errant wheels

image from:

2. visiting my dr…filling out the invasive 5 page questionnaire about my ENTIRE life, then having the dr greet me with “so what’s going on? why are you here today?” ?!?!!?!?!?

image from:

3. bathrooms with two exits (especially when i’m visiting someone’s house – i’m always paranoid if there isn’t a lock that someone is going to walk in)

image from:

4. master bedroom with TWO lockless doors…

image from:

5. trash bags that constantly implode in to the can whenever something is tossed

image from:

6. driving allll the way to my destination and realizing i left my purse at home

image from:

7. using the bathroom at night and learning (the hard way…) that the toilet seat is up…

image from:

8. desperately needing a tissue only to find the box empty

image from:

9. having a persistant kellog’s honey smacks cereal craving because of a failed, self-imposed, eight store (in one night…) scavenger hunt (some call it OCD…i call it perseverance…*grin*)

image from:

10. learning that ‘depend’ can also act as a noun for prego women who cough, sneeze, laugh (or heck, even kegel incorrectly…)

image from:

11. learning the bread i was planning to use is moldy

image from:

12. public women’s bathrooms that have stalls without doors (even worse: everyone in line can see everyone else on the pot, and everyone on the pot can see everyone’s knees – although we’re all trying hard to avoid eye contact!!!)

image from:

those are just a few of my annoyances…what are some of your pet peeves?



  1. Cute post. Can relate to quite a few — liked that you had illustrations as they added to the humor.

    • thx for sharing you can relate to quite a few – validates that i’m not the only one 🙂

  2. we have very different taste in pet peeves…I can’t even start to list mine, but most of them have to do with the grocery store and/or stupid people!

    • most of my annoyances are the little things in life…i’ve read some of your pet peeves before – you’re right – we do have different perspectives – but your experiences are still very entertaining.

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