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(More) Clever Ways to Announce a Pregnancy

can you spot the belly in this foto? is it time for you to come out of hiding?

a while back i wrote a post titled “7 clever ways to announce a pregnancy“. it highlighted ways my husband and i have announced our pregnancies and ideas we’d love to pull off with future pregnancies.

well: the future has arrived! at 10 weeks along, we’ve had (and still have…) many opportunities to creatively announce the newest addition to family and friends. granted, some of my initial attempts failed miserably, but i’ve worked out the kinks for inquiring readers. *smile*

we enjoy informing people in waves so that we can keep experiencing people’s surprised expressions (because let’s face it – if executed properly – some of the reactions are priceless *smile*.

so here goes:

1. hidden message using binary to text conversion.

this attempt was my first:

because of poor execution rather than difficulty. but i’ve since worked the kinks out so that it is now fail-proof! my husband is an electrical engineer and spends a great deal of time ‘coding’ so i thought this would be a great way to surprise him.

i found this awesome site here. you can type in any message to encode then click the “to binary” button and voila! your message is now a set of 0’s and 1’s!

it’s really very, very easy to do – here – let’s try it.

Copy the following 0’s and 1’s (it’s best to double-click on the numbers in order to highlight all the numbers because the screen cuts off some of the numbers): 01110011011001010110010100100000011010000110111101110111001000000110010101100001011100110111100100100000011101000110100001100001011101000010000001110111011000010111001100100000011101000110111100100000011001000110111100111111

Now go here and paste it in the “binary to decode” box and click “to text” right beneath.

awesome tool, isn’t it?

where i went wrong is i had typed a message then hand-copied the code in to the shape of a christmas tree as a christmas card. (lesson: never. EVER hand-copy a binary code…one wrong or missing number and you’ll be spending your time trying to explain your way out of that mess…trust me…). anyway, i then casually presented the card to my husband and acted as though i had thrown together a bunch of “random numbers” and ‘wondered’ if the number combination meant anything. we ‘happened’ to stumble upon the above site and well..something was wrong with the code so we got a RED error message.

that’s why i recommend keeping the test to one sentence and simply copying and pasting the binary code to an email with the link to the site. OR print the binary code (rather than hand copy…fail…fail…FAIL!) along with the site and require the recipient to type in the code (it may help to have one person read the numbers while the other types).

would love to hear if anyone succeeds in pulling this off!

2. local news show announcement.

call your local news stations and sweetly ask if it would be willing to mention it during one of the news shows (remember: enthusiasm is great – but keep it natural) . be sure to get the day, time, and correct news station info.

at the time our family was representing a local organization during its annual fundraiser and had the opportunity to get interviewed on a local morning program along with the organization’s representative. the plan was for the rep to slide the news in at the very end so that his reaction could be preserved on tape. unfortunately – it was only a 5 min interview and my dear, dear husband’s response to the host’s question took up nearly the entire time so the rep didn’t get a chance to say anything because the host had to wrap things up!

needless to say – that was also a big. fat.:

3. announce the news during a local radio program.

find a local morning talk program (preferably with an open call-in line) and announce it there. be sure the recipient is listening. a lot of programs these days will upload the program so it can be listened to later. that would provide a great opportunity to say something like ‘i was listening to a radio program today and you won’t believe what i heard on there!’

i broke the news to my husband (and kids) during a local interview i gave. what’s great is that my husband called in to the show, as i drove home, to proclaim that he had his ‘suspicions’ *hahaha*.

btw – the host said that was the first time in his 30+ years of radio that a wife told her husband on air about a pregnancy. so ladies – if you’re looking for a unique way to announce it – this is it!

this can probably be done on any radio morning show – they generally love ‘set-ups’ and surprises – just be sure he’s listening!

4. announce it at a sporting event.

how many times have we heard of proposals at sporting events? give the venue a ring and explain what you’d like to do (always remember to sound excited!) and ask if they can put it on the scoreboard or announce it during the game.

5. capture the reaction on camera.

i got this idea on line…(one of the few announcement gems out there…) take a couple fotos of the recipient asking them to ” say cheese” then tell them to “say guess who’s having a baby!” or “say i’m gonna be a daddy!”

then snap that foto!

this would work GREAT for group fotos (and even better if a video camera is rolling).

6. office announcement

if your husband participates in a recurring meeting at the office – clear it with his boss to find a way to announce it then. the boss can announce it or a powerpoint slide can be made, or send a cake for the office to announce the news, etc.

announcing it during an office party would be great too – just be sure to work with the staff.

few more ideas…these are for the folks who’d prefer a more private, low-key announcement *smile*

7. leave a note in a clever location and/or foto of the prego test. place it in the fridge, a vitamin bottle, lunch sack, drawer, shoe, etc. (okay…i can’t resist – if you want to add flare to this announcement – make a little treasure hunt with the note as the ‘treasure’).

8. glow-in-the-dark paint

how about purchasing some glow in the dark paint and painting the announcement on the bedroom ceiling? too far-fetched? ok – buy a cheap dish or tray from goodwill and paint the message on there. most craft stores (michael’s, joannes, hobby lobby) carry small bottles of glow in the dark paint (i usually have to ask where it’s located). it will be the perfect size for your project.

9. sweet surprise

visit a local pottery place and make a dish, cup, or bowl for the recipient with a message at the bottom revealing the news. then serve them a special treat with their new gift so that when they are done with the treat they will see the message at the bottom. (found this one on-line somewhere too).

if you’re…frugal like me…i’d probably just take a sharpie and write the message on the bottom of a dish (maybe i’d purchase a dish from goodwill and wash the dish after using the sharpie so they aren’t ingesting any chemicals from the marker!)

10. screen saver reveal

create a screen saver using a scrolling message of static background announcing the news.

that’s all i’ve got for you this go-around. be sure to visit again to share your announcement stories. good luck with your pregnancy – and happy announcing!


  1. Great posts! I LOVE the screen saver idea since hubby is constantly on-line checking is fantasy football stats:)

    • oh my gosh – how hysterical would it be to somehow incorporate the announcement into fantasy football stats??? i’ll have to think about that one *haha*

  2. Oh, I love the screen saver idea! Unfortunately, I was never that imaginative or ambitious. I just showed my husband the double-lined stick πŸ™‚

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed “clicking” through yours!

    • thx – i can’t get that knitted placenta out of my head – that was brilliant. *hahah*

  3. We announced to our folks by giving each grandma-to-be “The Grandma Book” by Todd Parr.

    We chose *not* to announce on social media until like my third trimester.

    We told our sibs over the phone (not original) and as for my colleagues (I’m a teacher), I made the announcement after we started our first staff meeting of the year.

    Next time, I am thinking fortune cookies or congratulation cards.

    • just looked up that book – what a great idea! sounds like a great stocking stuffers – thx for the idea :). social media – i get that – we haven’t officially gone public via s.m. either. thx for visiting (and giving me a fortune cookie craving *haha*)

  4. Hmmmmm, well I have only been pregnant twice and both times I was way too excited to wait. Yah, um BOTH times he was told by phone! Eeeep, maybe I am a bad wife/mother!!!! Begah, maybe next time I will have to at least TRY!

    • it is sooo hard to wait. i actually googled “waiting to tell husband i’m pregnant” and “hiding pregnancy from husband” and got links about people trying to hid the pregnancy for…reasons other than surprising him – if you know what i mean! thx for stopping by πŸ™‚

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