Posted by: zenmamajo | April 7, 2011

7 Clever Ways To Announce A Pregnancy

my bff called the other day to announce she’s expecting and was brainstorming ideas to inform her husband. she decided to leave it on the bathroom counter for him to ‘find’ (i wish i could have been a fly on the wall to see his face!)

this prompted me to recall the ways we (my husband and i) announced our pregnancies and ways we’d like to in the future (if we have any more children)…i’m all about shock value…(that’s exactly why i always watch people’s reaction when i tell them i have four kids…the reactions were even better when they were ages 4 and under…try it some time…even if you don’t have kids or as many…the reactions are classic…). it’s all about the fun and games *hahaha*. here are some of our ideas:

1. announce during a social gathering – my husband’s folks, his brothers, aunt and grandparents were attending a regional realtor awards banquet where his dad was scheduled to receive an award. i managed to inconspicuously convince his mom to send me the master of ceremonies contact info. the emcee ended up congratulating our father-in-law during the ceremony for his award as well as expecting twin grandchildren.

2. mail a card with the options “Boy or Girl” for the recipients to check. our family and friends already knew we were expecting by the time we thought of this idea but we did not know (nor want to know) the sex. we took three copies of the “boy or girl” questionnaire and had the ultrasound tech mark the answer without us knowing. they sealed it and then we mailed the results to our folks and one of my friends. we made them swear not to reveal the sex to us or others – hahaha.

3. have your oldest (if they are small…2 or 3 yrs old works *great*) inform the grands on the phone – i prepped my oldest, who was 2 then, to call my folks and tell them ‘there is a baby in mommy’s tummy. two babies.’ it was great because it was really hard to understand her at the time so my folks weren’t sure if they were hearing her correctly. *hahaha*

4. have your oldest wear a ‘i’m the big sis/bro’ shirt

5. have your youngest wear a ‘i’m the big sis/bro’ shirt

6. don’t announce it. wait until people start to notice and cautiously inquire then totally make them feel awkward (this is my favorite part of pregnancy). suggested responses:
(Q) “when are you due?”
(A) “due? what do you mean??? do i look pregnant??? don’t you know you’re never suppose to ask a woman that question?
(Q) “when are you due?”
(A) “oh, i’m not pregnant, i’m just bloated (or had a big dinner).”
(Q) “wow..this is your 2nd,3rd, 4th..are you planning to have any more?”
(A) “not once we find out what’s causing this condition!”
(Q) “so…are you and so-one-so planning to have any more children?” (this is usually asked when people suspect something but won’t directly ask…
(A) “Lord willing…” (i love the vagueness)

we did this with our fourth and it was grrrrreat watching people sneaking a peak at my belly and skirting around the topic. i think we made it to 16 or 18 weeks and i slipped up – some friends caught a glimpse of my pregnancy shorts and prego belly when i accidentally lifted my shirt one evening – toootally wish we could have made it longer!

7. don’t announce it at all and purposely try to conceal the pregnancy until you deliver. my husband and i would love to pull off informing the grands right after the delivery by calling and/or taking a foto and then sending it to them…call us crazy, but it’s for the kids – really – after the first couple of kids – us getting prego is kinda ‘old news’ to the grands – just trying to keep things fresh and create interesting stories the children can tell *hahah*

be sure to check out my updated post that includes even more crazy and whacky announcement news here.

what about you? do you have or know any clever prego announcement stories?


  1. Haha, great advices 🙂

  2. I decided to show my dad some ‘pictures’ while he was driving. They were of my ultrasound. The second one was in his Christmas card—love baby #2. Nothing overly creative, but my friend took a picture of her wearing a shirt that says baby on board and slipped it into a pile of pictures for her husband to look through.

  3. that’s brilliant! i’ll tuck that away and maybe combine the two to surprise my husband – that poor man won’t know what hit him. i actually emailed him “guess who’s pregnant?” after my friend call…he said the message made him drop everything and call…ways to get your husband to call *hahaha*

  4. You are VERY creative! I could never hide a pregnancy. I get way too ginormous. If anyone did not know, they’d be blind…very blind.

  5. well – it helped that it was the middle of winter so layering helped the cause!

  6. Hahaha! A really funny and hilarious way to go about it. Guess it helps to take away the true scare of pregnancy, great idea.

    • thx – i agree – nothing like a little comic relief while waiting for another person to be torn from my loin! hahaha

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