Posted by: zenmamajo | March 11, 2011

Bathrooms, Bibles, and Quiet Time…

how do you pass the time while on the commode?

A. Take a mental inventory of your to-do list
B. Work on a cross-word puzzle
C. Use your laptop
D. Read a novel
E. Read the paper
F. Talk on the phone
G. Finish a snack (this is really gross to me…please don’t admit this one if you do it…)

Me? I read my Bible. Not all the time…sometimes it’s A, B, C, D, E, or F (love the mute button…), but more often than not, i’m doing my reading for the day – it’s the one place i am practically uninterrupted for at least a solid 5 minutes…just me and the Lord with my Bible resting on the cold tile, between my bare feet. (hey…bathrooms have been called ‘sanctuaries’….)

actual bible...actual toliet

i thought i was alone in this quiet time escape, but a friend recently shared she does the same thing. (you know who you are…*wink* *wink*). i know there must be others who use this time for their Bible reading…i remember when my husband and i viewed houses several years ago, we saw a Bible sitting on top of a toilet in one of the homes. i found it odd at the time…but now i have become a bathroom bible reader…hahaha

oh – and i do not feel guilty about spending (some) of my time with the Lord in there…so what that i’m not sitting in a comfy lounge chair, at a desk, or even completely clothed (hey: remember Adam and Eve?)….it’s about whether or not i am engaged in the reading and taking in what is written, which i am when i’m forced to sit in one place for 5 minutes (or more). it’s a great opportunity to memorize bible verses too…(and to the critical readers out there who have already identified several verses about offering God our “first fruits”…this is not the *only* time i spend with the Lord…just one way i’m turning otherwise ‘downtime’ in to ‘quality’ time…)

from can stock photo

so if you’re a ‘closest bathroom bible reader’: come on out! there is no shame spending time with the Lord then…because guess what? if you believe in Him, then you believe He is all knowing (aka: all seeing…) so why not break the Word out?

if you’re not already a bathroom, bible reader and are finding it hard to get in to the word…stop reading right now – grab your bible, go put it atop the most frequently used toilet and you’re ready to join the club – happy reading!


  1. Too funny. I do admit to having spiritual magazines in the bathroom. I bet a lot of people do too.

    • i wrote this in jest but i bet there are *tons* of people like you and i who feel guilty about it! hooray for your honesty! *haha*

  2. They don’t call it the Porcelain God for nothing! Good for you! I use my bathroom as an escape because it’s the only door that still has a lock on it in my house!

    • porcelain God – good one – wish i would have thought of that! yea – thank God for locks – we just moved in to this house and all the doors (bedrooms and bathrooms) have locks. the house we moved from did not have locks on our bedroom door (……) and the bathroom door locks were not always reliable (plural because there were two doors in the bathroom – i was constantly redirecting the kids when i was in there!)

  3. The bathroom has always been my favorite room in the home for this very reason: No one bothers you in there! I have always retreated to the bathroom when I need a breather…just a few moments alone. I don’t know how I’ve never thought to keep a Bible in there, so thanks for thinking of it for me!

    (This would be an expecially good use for those metal-encased Bibles: Keeps germies off the pages, and you can just wipe it clean when you clean the bathroom!)

    • so what i hear you saying is you’d pass on borrowing a bible from me? *hahaha* good idea on the metal-encased ones…the print tends to be a little too small for my coke-bottled glasses (thank the Lord for thinner, lighter high-index lenses!)

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