Posted by: zenmamajo | February 27, 2011

Can Your Strangest Gifts Ever Received Top Mine?

i’m guilty of presenting folks with some pretty craaazy gifts. the wackiest one was during my college days. an ultimate frisbee player friend had returned from playing in extremely muddy conditions and (thoughtfully) left his heap of dirty clothes in the living room – tighty whities and all…

i don’t have brothers and i wasn’t a mother of boys at the time so i wasn’t accustomed to the amount of dirt males can attract. this was the dirtiest pair of underwear i’d ever seen in my life! and the stench was unspeakable – you know the kind of smell that is so bad you don’t even want to open your mouth?! for some illogical reason (one that only college aged folks can comprehend) his roommate and i decided to tack the pair of underwear (using gloves of course…) to a poster board, decorate the board, then mount it on the wall for him (and all) to see when he returned. as gross as that sounds, that’s still one of my fondest memories and always brings a smile to my face. *hahaha*

since those days, i’ve received my fair share of odd gifts…most times i grow to love them (although i have been guilty of regifting…)

these are from my husband’s eccentric aunt…

goat's milk soap

the horse.

the 'ove' glove

gently used towel

and yes – she really sent us a ‘gently-used’ bath towel – i love the thought (and the towel). this is not the actual towel, but similar…

i also received a “bling-bling” bracelet…it’s like this one only silver and with my name on it…

bling bracelet

and can you guess what this is?

wall ornament?

(Modeled by one of my 2-yr old twins)

galactic headband?

trendy waist adornment?

it's a necklace!

really? who designed that?

finally – in celebration of my 33rd year of life (today…)…my 5 yr old’s gift to me…cue drum roll, please! what, pray tell, is this?

a paper plate, you say?

a "lion's mane!"

there you have it – some of the most unconventional gifts E.V.E.R.! can you top that?



  1. Happy Birthday! I am a teacher and the weirdest gift I ever received from a student (Or I should say his CRAZY mother) was used slippers!

  2. thank you! used slippers – that’s *really* gross…imagining toe fungus! i would have loved to see the reaction on your face *hahah*

  3. My husband used to be epically terrible at giving gifts. The weirdest one? A big blue mug that was filled to-the-brim with whole coffee beans and had 4 of those hair chopsticks stuck in it. I had extremely short hair at the time and it would be about 5 years and one wedding before I would even own a coffee grinder. He’s much better now…thank goodness!

    • hahaha – okay – on the subject of husbands and coffee…my husband decided to make me coffee one night during our dating year (intentionally singular…’months’ is more accurate – another blog, another day *hahaha*) – i thought it a sweet gesture until i noticed how *black* the brew looked…it was far darker than a standard brew – i asked him what sort of coffee he was brewing and you know what that man handed me? a jar of INSTANT foldgers coffee. I.N.S.T.A.N.T. at least it was decaf. and no: i did not drink it. *hahaha*

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