Posted by: zenmamajo | February 16, 2011

Forget the Skinny Women…Being Fit vs. “Looking Fit”

have you ever seen a thin woman and labelled her ‘fit’ or thought ‘wow, she’s in great shape’? well, i suspect a lot of those women are genetically blessed to have ‘thin genes’ and they may not be as fit as they appear…okay…i’ll confess: i’m one of those women. you know the one – the one who has all the kids and the pregnancy weight just melts off with little exercise…i do exercise, but it’s not nearly as much as i’d like or need to and i often wonder about the condition of my oft sedentary heart! (oh btw – i *don’t* consider myself ‘skinny’ – i consider myself average for my height and build – ‘skinny’ is referring to anyone thinner than you – “you” refers to any reader – oh, and i’m *not* implying that if someone is ‘skinner’ than you that you are…the opposite of skinny…i know how sensitive we women can get about the whole weight topic…)

so i say this to all those who measure other women’s fitness levels by their weights: don’t! it’s much more important to be fit than to look fit. to be active, than to look active. i know women who exercise regularly (walk, jog, etc) and are ‘above average’ sizes but i bet their hearts are more conditioned than mine!

so forget the “skinny” women! or better yet – tell yourself they’ve probably got clogged arteries!


  1. My point exactly!

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