Posted by: zenmamajo | February 12, 2011

Top Five Valentine’s Day Do’s and Don’ts (Plus Five Creative Gift Ideas)

Don’t – give a gift that you would like…
Do – give a gift he/she would like (this means investing time in knowing that person’s “love language“)

Don’t – wait until the last minute to get something
Do – spend time considering what they need or would like (it demonstrates you’ve been listening to their needs/interests)

Don’t – buy red roses (unless she/he really loves red roses)
Do – have the florist put together a mixed floral arrangement – better yet – pick some wild flowers yourself if that is an option…(i love when my husband and children come home with various picked flowers – they seem to last longer than the store bought ones too…) – another idea: plant a tree together if possible and watch it grow along side you as the years pass.

Don’t – buy the most expensive gift
Do – buy/make something with significance. get creative. not creative? enlist the aid of creative friends. i know a guy who had been collecting date memorabilia (photos, tickets, menus, etc) for a year and put together a 1″ thick scrapbook binder for his girl…

Don’t – buy the same gift as last year…
Do – keep track of what you buy each year…write it on a slip of paper and keep it in your wallet if necessary

Creative Gift Ideas
1. Sign him/her (or both of you) up for a class (cooking, dance, rock climbing, sky diving, photography…check local colleges or park programs for ideas)
2. *Genuinely* (keyword here…) offer to join your loved one in an activity he/she enjoys that you don’t necessarily enjoy. Strike up a conversation afterwards and share aspects you enjoyed.
3. Create multiple geocaches that will lead your loved one on a scavenger hunt and leave something special at the final cache (e.g. date location, gift, etc)
4. Create a simple, yet elegant indoor picnic – eat dessert first!
5. Perform community service work together – there is something about outreach projects that brings people closer together. Follow up with a dinner date to discuss the work performed and future projects.

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