Posted by: zenmamajo | February 12, 2011

On Taking the Plunge (Literally)…at 33…

i can’t swim. wait. that’s not exactly true. a more accurate statement is: i can’t swim well. “well” meaning: i don’t know how to tread water, ‘doggie paddling’ is the only forward stroke i’ve mastered to propel myself forward and maintain momentum, i cannot float on my back (although i can swim on my back using a butterfly motion…), and i certainly cannot save anyone who is drowning (unless it’s throwing them a line, shouting for someone else to help or calling 911).

so i can’t swim (well). it also doesn’t help that i wear glasses (without them, the words i’m typing look like black lines on the screen…),

i don’t dread the water and it hasn’t kept from pursing interests such as kayaking, canoeing or similar water activities (as long as i have a life jacket on and a strong swimmer with me…). and i’ve always dreamed of fearlessly diving in to a pool and gliding effortlessly through the cool waters…

what’s taken so long for me to learn? i’m a wuss. no really. even thoughts of swimming out of arms reach of ‘the wall’ without a life jacket, pool noodle or other flotation device causes my pulse to quicken. quite frankly, i can’t even stand water on my face so i’m not sure how i’ll achieve the whole diving dream…

i’ve signed myself up for a class that will start on 2/26/11 – a day before my 33rd birthday. i once read of a woman who learned to swim at 60 somethings years old…surely this neophyte swimmer can learn at 33 if a woman twice my age learned…these classes are costing me $60 so i better walk away with at least one solid new swim skill (and i’m not talking about being able to just blow bubbles in the water either…)

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