Posted by: zenmamajo | February 7, 2011

On Teaching Your 3, 4, or 5 yr Old To Read (In 100 Easy Lessons)

this book came recommended to me several years ago but i completely judged a book by its cover. i mean, look at it – it’s soooo old fashioned! however, the amazon reviews are incredible – it’s current ranking is 4.5 of 5 stars of 615 reviewers (2/7/11).

i attempted to start it with my daughter (just turned 5 on dec 1) when she was three but soon realized she was not ready (she could not pronounce all her sounds clearly). then tried again when she turned four – still wasn’t quite ready. we picked it up again in july of 2010 and she was ready (almost 5)!

it’s really, really easy to use – no prep required – just crack the book open and go! i will say the lessons looked a little daunting at first – the authors used some different lettering to help the reader recognize what letter sounds to combine (e.g. linking the letters s and h). it seemed confusing to me (at first) but it did not confuse my daughter at all. the fonts and letter sizes gradually transitioned to styles commonly found in books.

the first few lessons take only about 5 minutes. the later lessons take about 15-30 minutes depending on the child.

what i really love about this book is that it’s phonetics based rather than sight learning (memorization). therefore, she is not bound by the words she’s memorized rather she has the tools to unlock the words she encounters.

she just completed her 100th lesson this sunday and initiates reading/spelling/writing all the time.
i wanted to share this because i know there are many many tools out there to use and i found this to be the easiest to implement for our family. i am excited to use it with our other children once they are ready.

happy reading!

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