Posted by: zenmamajo | February 7, 2011

Mother of Three Makes False Bomb Threat to Keep Boyfriend Around…

mark my words: this is a made for t.v. movie.

apparently this chilean mother of three was so distraught that her babies’ daddy was flying off to work as a cruise ship waiter that she called the airport and claimed there was a bomb on board his plane…in blockbuster fashion – the pilot receives word of the threat as he is taxiing down the runway – parks the plane in a remote area – 312 passengers are evacuated (including the babies’ daddy) – bomb sniffing dogs scour the plane and find nothing – and oddly enough that false bomb threat was enough to convince the dude his girl really needed ‘love and nothing more’.

i just hope there isn’t an influx of women who are eager to ‘keep’ their baby’s daddy and decide it’s perfectly normal to call in a false bomb threat.

i’m dying to know if the woman asked him to consider staying or did she agree to the temporary separation only to change her mind? i’m surprised she didn’t find her way on to the tarmac – chase the plane down – climb aboard the plan all breathlessly and begin professing her love to him in front of teary-eyed passengers who applaud as they desperately embrace one another.

love. a crazy motivator.

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