Posted by: zenmamajo | February 6, 2011

“Dear God, If I’m ‘Freshly Pressed’ I Will…”

“i will what???” i asked myself. what would i vow to do? not blog anymore? read my bible more? pray more? get frustrated less with people around me?

i’m exactly 2 weeks new to the world of word press blogging and looooove it! what a fun and convenient outlet for all my suppressed quirkiness! but – *ugh* – did i really just call upon the name of our Lord to get “freshly pressed”? i might as well have said “hey, uh, excuse me, God? um…would you mind, uh while you’re saving souls, feeding the hungry, and protecting the innocent that is, sprinkle a little Holy Spirit dust in this direction so that one of these blogs can be selected?”


fortunately i did not complete that prayer – who knows what sort of commitment i would have made!

but here’s what’s worse: that’s not the first time i’ve solicited God to aid with such a blatant self-aggrandizing request. generally there is no vow attached (e.g. “If You do this, then I will do this) but rather a 100% self profitting request (e.g. thank you for this day and the things you do, and oh btw please help me to do this – as my kids like to say: ‘cuz’ – amen. okay – so i don’t actually say ‘cuz’…but i don’t generally offer a reason – it’s simply another request added to the thousands i’ve prayed over the years). i don’t know which is worse!

oh wait…i know what is worse: recognizing the silliness of nearly pledging my word to God in exchange for His divine intervention in my blogging affairs but STILL wanting Him to intervene! (only without the vow).

okay – i’ve read some of the freshly pressed blogs and they are phenomenal. i mean, there is no wonder why they were selected. quite frankly, if i’m honest with myself: i’ve got a long way to go in developing these writing skills!

(boy it’d be nice to have some divine intervention here…)

see! there i go again! no self control! *hahaha*

okay – enough me bashing – off to reality in hopes of finding a blogable moment to publish (and possibly get selected as freshly pressed…without my pleading to God…hey – while the reality is a long shot – there’s no harm in dreaming *hahaha*).

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