Posted by: zenmamajo | February 2, 2011

Motherhood’s Lessons in Appreciation

motherhood has deepened my appreciation for things i once took for granted such as:

– solitude
– resting my head on a pillow without anticipating the next “maaaaaaammmmmaaaaaaa! my diaper fell off!”
– waking up gradually in the morning rather than to the desperate cries of a hungry baby or toddler
– using the restroom uninterrupted
– taking a shower uninterrupted (and, oh btw: banging on the door to see if ‘anyone is home…’ is considered an interruption…)
– having a complete thought without interruption
– 1 load of laundry a week..maybe two weeks…
– less than 10 dirty dishes after an entire day of meals (including pots and pans – even less if i go all disposable!)
– standing at a sink without stubbing my toe on a step stool
– not having “swiper noooo swiping!” run through my head at the mention of “Dora”
– being able to find both pairs of my shoes where ever i left them
– passing through a room without feeling like i’m ambling through a military-style obstacle course
– taking 10 minutes to do a 10 minute project, not 20 or 30 min or just quitting all together…
– cooking 1 simple meal without someone rejecting it (again!)
– sitting to eat a meal and sitting there the entire meal…
– eating my food while it’s warm
– eating a watermelon without a bunch of holes poked in them from little fingers…
– using butter that hasn’t been used as a hand grips
– eating a loaf of bread that hasn’t been stepped on, then fell on top of, then used as a chair…
– after meal clean up = placing 1 plate, 1 fork, 1 cup in the dish washer not collecting…Lord knows how many plates, cups, utensils, then wiping caked on food off the table (and under the table, chairs, floor, hands, faces, faucets, walls, cabinets, bibs, then figuring out what is preservable for the next meal and what isn’t…i’m exhausted typing this!)
– talking to hubby at night without whispering for fear of waking sleeping baby (no…seriously…one time we shared a hotel room with our 1st born back when she was a baby -we whispered our entire stay there whenever she slept….shhing and hushing each other every time she stirred…at one point we decided to lay on the floor because if she heard AND saw us the night was shot…she’d refuse to sleep alone…this is why we pay extra now to have a divided hotel room…)
– being able to go to sleep and wake up in the same bed i fell asleep in (actually… this is my husband’s appreciation…i encouraged the girls to call ‘daaaaaaaddddddyyyy’ at night…bad, mommy! *hahaha*)
– experiencing REM sleep each night…
– running to the store in the winter without tacking on 15 minutes to don everyone’s winter gear, load up (which – have you ever loaded a suited up kid in a car seat???), unload at the store, undress all the layers in the store – then tack on another 15 mins or so to do the same when leaving the store and unlayering everyone when we get home…(and you wonder why we rarely leave the house in the winter…some call it being sheltered – i call it staying sane.)

i guess the most important thing i’ve learned in this season of life (the lesson…always a lesson in these blogs!) is that each season presents challenges that makes challenges from seasons past seem…not so bad after all. for instance, i recall being overwhelmed when i only had one child. then we had twins. now we have four and oh my goodness! but don’t you know my husband recently took the three older children while the baby and i enjoyed a staycation and i *thoroughly* enjoyed myself and the baby? i don’t recall feeling that sense of peace when i first became a mom. i was so stressed about…well, i can’t even tell you what i was stressed about, but i just know i was overwhelmed!

so these days – while i may not have the same level of ‘freedom’ to romp and roam as i please – and while days are still stressful with our full quiver – it is much easier to find/enjoy those pockets of peace throughout the day. because i know i could one day have even more on my plate.

what really helps me is projecting myself in to the future, then thinking back to present time as though it were the past…does that make sense? so i may imagine myself with 6 children (assuming the Lord blesses us with more!), then pretend to reflect back to when i ‘only had four’ (now) and how much easier it was ‘then’ (now…).

okay – now that i’ve totally confused you *hahah* – in short (too late…), this motherhood journey is one wild ride, but one that is certainly worth riding even with all it’s unexpected quirky moments.

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