Posted by: zenmamajo | January 24, 2011

Is There a Silent Killer Lurking in Your Family? (Part 1)

is your sibling harboring a Silent Killer? your folks? are you?

confession: i am. and so are my folks and in-laws.

this is not a blog on how to spot an axe murderer in your family – it’s about how I have:

High Blood Pressure! or the ‘old person’s disease as i like to call it (aka: the silent killer because it rarely causes symptoms). okay, okay, so it’s not a “disease” but a “condition” that can lead to coronary heart disease, heart failure, and stroke – balap, balap, balap. and sure, sure both my folks have HBP as well as my paternal grandmother, but i thought surely, at 32 yrs old, 5’1″, 113lbs (after 4 kids, thank-you-very-much Jesus for these genes!) i had at least another 30 years to binge on whatever foods and forego exercising!

humbled again! after a few weeks of feeling ‘off’ – i decided to take my BP reading this past weekend and discovered a 150/92 reading!!! (a reading of 140/90 is considered hypertension…click here to learn more about HBP). i paid my doc a visit today and after ruling out poor diet, needing to lose weight, avoidable stress, he decided that, while i am a candidate for developing HBP, my inactivity is the likely culprit.

*phew!* i was certain i’d leave the office with a lifetime prescription of Beta-blockers…hallelujah, Jesus! i’ve been given another chance! the doctor’s orders were to sign up for an upcoming local marathon (sorry, doc, drawing the line there…) and/or work out for 15-30 min a day with a goal of working 30-45 min a day, 5x a week.

for years i’ve encouraged HBP sufferers (including my family) to be active! watch their diet! reduce stress or else! and now i’m preaching to myself!…(who doesn’t love to eat their words…)

i teach my children that life is about choices. i can choose to take the easy pill-poppin’ road or i can choose to commit to working out and model for my children that there are tangible benefits of working hard (but can i say i’m sooooo not looking forward to the sweat, soreness, and reconditioning my body!). even if i do have to take medication some day to control my HBP at least we’ll know i tried my best to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

inevitably people will ask: “how do you find the time to work out with all your responsibilities?” my response is: how can i not? it’s either that or risk death. uh…easy choice!

check back in a few months to see if exercising regularly is enough to blot out the Silent Killer…


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